Get started with Stackmash

Stackmash allows developers to get real-time notifications for their app or website user activity. This happens by sending a POST request to the Stackmash API server. Each request can be sent when an action within your app is triggered. This can include successful logins, handled errors, new registrations, successful payments and more – Stackmash gives you the flexibility to create notifications for any event or action within your app or website.

Stackmash can be used with any programming language that can make requests to an external server. This includes the most popular languages including PHP, Node, .NET, Python & Java. We will cover most of these in this documentation.

Finding your project keys

To use Stackmash, you will need to know the keys to your project. If you haven’t already, create a Stackmash account and add your first project, and your first category. Once you have done that, you can get started with Stackmash.

To find your project keys, select the project you would like the keys for from the sidebar. Then click the icon in the top right of the window to open the settings. Here you will see the public and private keys for your project. These keys are then used to tell Stackmash which project you would like to add notifications to.

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