Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add notifications manually?

Yes. To add notifications manually, click the plus icon on the bottom right and fill out the input boxes with your notification data. When clicking “Add notification”, the notification will be added and will notify all users of the project in the same way a notification is created using the API.

I want to integrate Stackmash to my app, but the language we use is not listed on the docs. How can I integrate Stackmash?

If your language is not listed on the Stackmash docs, you will need to find out how to send a simple POST notification using your language. This is fairly simple for most languages and something you can get help with by contacting Stackmash support or emailing

How do I allow the rest of my team to see notifications?

Your team will each need separate Stackmash accounts. To add other Stackmash accounts, click “Invite other” on the right after selecting the appropriate project, and then enter the email address they signed up to Stackmash with and click “Give access”. You can add as many users as you like. You will not need individual subscriptions for each user as they will be using the primary accounts notification usage for that project.

Can I export notifications?

Yes. Notifications can be exported for an entire project in a CSV format for any use you would like.

Why do I need keys for my project?

Project keys ensure that you send your notifications to the correct project and to prevent anyone from sending notifications to your own projects without authorisation.

What is a private key?

A private key prevents other users who do not know your private key from accessing your project and sending notifications to it. Think of this like a password for your project, and the public key as your username.

When and why would I use categories?

Categories are useful when you want to categorise notifications based on their type. For example, you may have a category for user sign-ups and another for contact enquiries. You can then color code these categories to make it easier to see what each notification is in your Stackmash dashboard.

What happens when I reach my notification limits?

When reaching your monthly notification limit, notifications will still be saved, but you will need to upgrade before you can see them again.

Why would I want to “check” notifications off?

Notifications can be used for many uses. For example, if you had notifications for contact enquiries, employees can check a notification once they have dealt with that enquiry.

Is there a Stackmash app I can download?

We are currently in the process of creating a mobile app for Stackmash. If this is something that interests you, feel free subscribe to our blog for updates.

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